COMPANY - Officine Morandi s.r.l. is an inventor, manufacturer, facilitator, and integrator of production machinery, providing training of employees, raw material supply sourcing, complete technical support, quality control processes, and packaging for plants producing all forms of ceramic tile and slab products.

Our long experience in the ceramics industry has pushed us to try to meet the needs of ceramic manufacturers looking for specific machines or full production plants which we manufacture and can supply with both our assistance and guarantee.

Officine Morandi s.r.l. was founded in 1945 by Leo Morandi, as a firm operating within the manufacture, research and development technology sectors of the ceramics field. Officine Morandi's research activity began and continued with the co-operation of the most experienced and best skilled engineers and consultants known in the ceramic industry.
Our company offers many qualified services and the appropriate equipment for your needs. Our objective is to form a closer cooperation to:

Offer the right equipment at the right time. Offer information concerning the technology of the machine, its operation and correct use.Offer project support and consulting; as well as, the sale of equipment, spare parts, raw material, and chemical products. We service both single systems and complete plants.

Officine Morandi s.r.l., with its skilled technicians, can meet all these need; as well as, supply you the specialized advice needed in your sector.

We are competent to assist and support you during your project, with any technical instance, even the most complex. In fact, we are able to follow your every step:

Establishing criteria for your improvement (both business planning and plant planning);

Beginning in choosing the quality and the kind of tiles to produce;

Selecting the raw materials and the glazes;

Identifying key suppliers of these materials;

Teaching and informing your workers, within the factory, during setting up and continuing through every moment in which you would have some need of assistance.

This suggested method is from experience and understanding that we have formed from other worldwide factory start-ups.
Officine Morandi has always met the needs of many manufacturing firms, basing its work in the industrial field on the advantages given by the second-hand equipment and installations, which make it possible to reduce costs considerably without affecting the technical and quality efficacy of the production means.
The number of ceramic tile manufactures confidently relying on the decision to use second-hand equipment and machinery, have been constantly increasing. O
fficine Morandi's experience in the ceramic industry has made it possible to meet the demands of these manufactures for high-quality second-hand equipment. We achieve this result thanks to our reconditioning services, where the most advantaged installation methods and testing techniques are applied.

Officine Morandi's main and exclusive feature is how we can guarantee our products and thus give the customers a series of services and advantages.

We can also offer financial payment (3 to 5 years) for most countries with European interest rates.

If you think that a business relationship with us can be of interest to your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will respond immediately.

Officine Morandi s.r.l.


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